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Premium Turkish delights, or Lokum with exotic flavors covered in chopped nuts

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Turkish sweets: Hazelnut Marshmallow stuffed with Nutella and coconut roll

Delicious Turkish sweets made of marshmallow roll stuffed with hazelnut and Nutella and covered in shredded coconut

Turkish delights: lokum stuffed with Nutella paste and hazelnuts roll

This renowned Turkish lokum is in chocolate and it is stuffed with delicious Nutella paste and whole hazelnuts in the middle, then it was rolled over chocolate vermicelli

Turkish delight in hazelnut cream and orange cream roll

Delightful delicious roll of turkish delights(lokum) with hazelnut cream and orange cream, rolled over cracked hazelnut and chunked oranges

Turkish delights: lokum Chocolate roll with pistachio roll

Turkish delights shaped as a roll stuffed with chocolate and rolled in coarse pistachio Great gift for a loved one

Turkish delights cubes in honey chocolate and pistachio

Turkish delights flavoured with honey and mixed with coarse pistachio and cut into fancy cubes

Mango Turkish delights lokum stuffed with hazelnuts and covered on coconut

Roll of mango Turkish delights stuffed with whole hazelnuts and rolled over shredded coconut

Turkish delights in honey and pistachio with crunchy topping

Sweet cubes of Turkish delights with honey and pistachio rolled in crunchy topping

Luxury Turkish Delights with Pistachio and Rose Petals

Turkish delights cubes with pistachio chunks and coated with Istanbul rose petals

Turkish delights with Raspberry covered with coconut shreds

Delicious Turkish Delights, with Raspberry as the taste that will carry you directly to the heart of Istanbul

Turkish delights with Figs mixed with chunks of pistachio

Turkish delights with Figs covered and mixed with pistachio shreds Delivered to you Directly from Istanbul

Turkish delights:Lokum roll with hazelnut cream rolled in fine hazelnuts

Turkish delights roll (lokum) with hazelnut cream mixed with chunks of hazelnut Delivered to you Directly from Istanbul

Turkish delights with Mangos covered in Coconut

Turkish delights with Mangos covered in Coconut shreds and mixed with hazelnuts Delivered to you Directly from Istanbul